Otter Tail Power Company
100th Anniversary Print

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Otter Tail Power 100th Anniversary PrintReproductions AvailablePlease Contact:Jeffrey Hoff701-659-3377 -Otter Tail Power Company Otter Tail Power Company100th Anniversary Print
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Otter Tail Power 100th Anniversary Print

Reproductions Available

Please Contact:

Jeffrey Hoff

Otter Tail Corporation Unveils 100-Year Anniversary Painting

As part of the celebration of Otter Tail Power Company`s 100-year anniversary of power generation, the utility`s parent Otter Tail Corporation today unveiled a painting by award- winning wildlife artist and Otter Tail Power Company employee Jeffrey Hoff. The painting depicts two otters on the Otter Tail River in vivid color and captures the curious nature and intelligence of the animal.

"Jeff has been with Otter Tail Power Company for 14 years and was the obvious choice for this project," said Otter Tail Corporation CEO John Erickson. "We wanted to capture the spirit of the utility`s 100 years of serving customers, and Jeff`s beautiful painting of the symbol of the company does that in a special way."

Hoff grew up in Devils Lake, North Dakota, and is a customer service manager for Otter Tail Power Company in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Other than a single art class in college, Hoff has no formal training and cites his love of wildlife and nature as his inspiration. Coaxed by a friend in 1997 to enter his first duck stamp competition, Hoff submitted a painting of a pair of hooded mergansers in the Nevada state duck stamp competition and placed fifth out of 67 entries. He won the Nevada duck stamp competition in 2002, among other honors, and most recently placed first in the Ohio wetlands habitat stamp contest.

"The 100th anniversary is a milestone for our company, so I was honored and excited to have the chance to use my artistic abilities to create something unique for this celebration," said Hoff.

The unveiling of Hoff`s painting took place at Otter Tail Corporation`s Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and is in honor of the utility`s centennial celebration that includes pay-it-forward projects demonstrating social, economic, and environmental stewardship in each of the three states it serves. Information about these projects and other centennial events is available at Prints of Hoff`s painting are available at

Otter Tail Power Company was named after the Otter Tail River, which provided its first source of power. The company first delivered electricity in 1909 from Dayton Hollow Dam near Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Otter Tail Power Company, a division of Otter Tail Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select Market: OTTR), is headquartered in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. It provides electricity and energy services to more than a quarter million people in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. To learn more about Otter Tail Power Company visit

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